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in the same boat as washington but trumbull put him there to show him as the greek hero of the battle of trenton under washington's leadership. trumbull also put him next to washington to recognize him as the second greatest and second most beloved president after washington and the early years of the republic. indeed monroe was the only president other than washington to be elected without opposition. as with washington, americans trusted and loved monroe so completely that political parties disappeared, vanished. everyone voted for the monroe. and yet if you ask the average american today to identify him, he or she probably wouldn't know who monroe was. one person suggested he was a point guard on the new york basketball team and another was certain he was marilyn monroe's father and that's tragic. it's tragic because monroe was the last of our founding fathers. and next to washington the greatest. he was the last president to have fought and lived through the american revolution, and as president he transformed a tiny nation that washington had created and to an empire that stretch
foresight built them out there in landover. moving them to washington where they have remained for the next 35 years. they won a championship in 1978. the capitols would come along soon after and they became a fixture in the city not only as a sports leader but as a municipal leader for them. there is sadness in the building tonight in particular amonothe players whom they signed and lead butler to give this emotional response to his death just moments ago. we want just to go out there to perform well for him, you know? and our hearts and prayers go out to the family. and that is tough, you know? the loss of somebody special. >> he was understanding, passionate about the team and the playerses. now, that was eddie jordan. who is here in the buildings tonight. and he was very close to mr. pollin and what was suppose to be a homecoming for him to turn into the reaction from them including some from the owner out there for them. i'm brett haber, live at the verizon center. and they were following the side of the story, that concerns mr. pollin's revitalization as a part of the beautiful city.
of the busiest travel days of the year. >>> plus the mayor calls him one of washington's great treasurers. this morning washington is remembering a devoted citizen, abe pollin. >> good morning and welcome to "news4 today." glad you're up with us. i'm brirs. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. a live look outside. drizzly rain around the rengion. a lot of clouds, 52 degrees. >>> we have meteorologistom kierein with us right here to tell us what's going on. what about tomorrow? >> let's get there first and then we'll talk about tomorrow. we do have some drizzle around. a drizzleable start to this day. light drizzle around the metro area with patchy fog and temperatures are chilly, upper 40s to near 50 degrees. 52 in washington now. we'll stay in the 50s throughout the rest of the day. the morning drizzle should dissipate by noontime. sunrise at 7:02. sin set at 4:48. overnight tonight going partly cloudy. looks like a partly cloudy thanksgiving day. after sunset on thursday evening and early friday morning, maybe a shower. then windy and colder on friday. winds gusting to 35 miles an hou
miles from washington d.c.. the potomac river is outside the door. this is our home. we are part of the library. we have about 16,000 square feet of auditorium, classrooms and archive with the papers of robert c. byrd and other collections. it is a nice facility. >> who paid for it? >> it was paid for by grants from the federal government as well as the state government. the entire project was an $18 million project to renovate and modernize the entire campus library and that involved about $14 million in federal funds and another $4 million in state funds. the bird center came from state money. >> when you step out on the front steps, you see the hermel bird hall, obviously misses byrd. why is it named to that? >> this campus has several projects that have been through the senators' efforts. the center is named for mrs. b byrd. that was about a $10 million facility dedicated to years ago -- two years ago. also we have the robert c. byrd science center. we dedicated that in about 1998 or 1999. >> is this where seniority did you? bob byrd has been there for a long time. >> i am no
minutes ago when the gilbert arena signed with washington for the first time, mr. pollin told gilbert's father, hey, i'll be his dad. as long as he is with me, you don't have to worry about your son. a father figure to gilbert and the rest of the players. he's gone tonight as they have to play a game this evening against the philadelphia 76ers. much more reactions from the team about the death of this washington legend tonight at 11. for now, i'm brett haber, live the at the verizon center. >> a very sad time. >>> the nba commissioner, david stern, issuing a statement about the passing of abe pollin. the nba family has lost their most revered member who ste wardship has been a steady, an unparallel dedication to the city of washington. our own minute of the verizon center since we first learned about his death late this afternoon. now joining us with more reactions. gary? >> reporter: well, i think that he nailed it. this is a man who cared about washington both rich and poor. when pollin had a vision to revitalize the area of 6th and s street. he started at the topment >> i came back
sports franchises to washington. we have live team coverage tonight. tim brant is live inside of the verizon center with his personal thoughts, but we begin with jay korff who has a look back at his life. >>>> his love maybe basketball, but his legacy transcends national sport. >> he was a pillar in the community. >>thousands paused to remember abe pollin, the owner that died tuesday at 85. >> he made things happen for other people. >> his defining moment came off the court when he moved washington bullets to a new site in downtown washington. >> it was a catalyst for the development of our downtown. >> he did something rare, using $200 million of his own money to build this state of the art arena, a decision considered as a watershed moment to transform this town. >> he put everything he had behind it because he wanted to do something for the city. he could have gone to other places but this is where he wanted it. >> i think the big thing you have to understand, he loved washington. >> this washington bullets hall of famer served as a general manager under abe pollin. >> he c
in washington state that killed four police officers. >> my budget is really tight. >> shoppers what gone for cyber monday sales. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> ani'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> washington gets back to work. let's start with brian van de graaff. >> we do have some changes coming down the pike. we are fairly mild with temperatures in the mid 50's. we have a cold front off to the west. it will push on through. there will be some changes. some showers will devop. cooler air will move in. we're in the 50's this morning. fairly mild this morning. -- a fairly mild start to the morning. over to lisa baden. >> thank you. right now, we're watchin traffic moving slowly on 66 and 95. just the growing volume. no accidents to report. good on route 5, route 4. an accident on cedar filled w
will be said. but tonight, we mourn him. he was 85 years old, truly a sad day for washington, d.c. who will all miss him. back to you. >> derek, a huge impact on our entire community. thank you for that. >>> we want to go live to gary outside the center. and he revitalized that whole part of washington, d.c. >> yeah, leslie, crying out 15 years ago if you had stood at this corner, would you be seeing traffic in back of you? would you be seeing people going to and from metro? would you be seeing them go to the revitalized china town to the movies, restaurants, entertainment remember views? this is going to be really hard for our photographers. just move around. but look, on that street, the shakespeare theater. shakespeare in washington? never would have happened if he did not have the vision to try to revitalize this part of town. and with what was then the mci center that opened in december of 1977, i think we have video from the opening of that day which is then the mci center in 1977 issue completely changed the face of downtown dc. it turned this part of town around. it brought businesses b
it more difficult to catch cancer early. "good morning washington" starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you joining us on this tuesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian. you have your school jacket on. >> look at you. >> you are so hip in that letter. where is your motorcycle? >> and i am el little bit of a mess. an idiotic move. we have a storm system. it will throw some high clouds over the area. it will be a little bit cooler. we got to 70 yesterday. we could get some moisture by midweek. i will get dressed up properly. >> you are not a mass at all. what is not to laugh about brian backs -- you are not a mess. overnight construction at river road will. long gone by the time you get there. no problems out of southern maryland on route 4, route 5. they're pretty good run on 66 near the vienna. we will have more on the traffi >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. hope you have a nice, long weekend. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> washington gets back to work. here is brian van de graaff. >> good morning. we are fairly mild. temperatures in the 50's are across the area. i will tell you that temperatures are probably going to peak in the 50's today. we will see cooler weather and the chance of showers. scattered light rain temperatures falling back into the 40's tomorrow. the sunshine will return. >> good morning. glad you are here. we will get back to our routine as far as traffic in town and around town. the pavement is dry so far. this is the pace of traffic. southbound 270 here at father hurley boulevard. we will go to virginia. we're good on 66. this is traffic on 95 in springfield. now we'll go back to the news desk and sycamore into alison and doug. >>> two metro trains have collided. >> no passengers were on board at the time. it h
along with plekanec. eight minutes apart. washington's goals from eric fehr and alex ovechkin in the 1st. gorges wins a foot race. an icing call against washington. on the toyota league leader board, don't look very far to see alex ovechkin shots on goal. >> craig: look at those shots coming into tonight's game. even tony. the toyota league leaders, ovechkin, carter, seater berg and nash. he had 5 already so he has 109 on the season for ovie. >> joe: 18 goals in 20 games for ovechkin. earlier he told the media, they said to him alex, 17-19. he looks and goes not bad. could be better. he's improved upon that tonight. >> craig: he is tied with heatley for the lead. and they trail by one goal. >> joe: he has been a major hit on broadway, marin gabarek. brooks laich digging one out of the corner. metropolit his old bud. gorges keeps it moving. erskine throwing his weight around. morrison on his bumpy way there and price the pads down. >> craig: i don't think he saw that at all, joe. >> joe: in front for a moment brushed away bypass rita. >> craig: i think -- by pacioretty. >> crai
of the town and the fans have responded. washington, i think, is a hockey town now. >> they come to the game with their input. coming to a washington capitals game, that's not just a game anymore. >> they are so boisterous and fun to watch. they really carry us through an awful lot of the time when we are tired and we have maybe nothing left. the fans will come in and they'll keep building us up and we'll find the energy to carry us through >> joe: the guys who wear the red, white and blue recognize the fans and caps fans, you should be proud because the opposing teams are also saying better and better things about the wild atmosphere at verizon. 1-0 caps after 1. highlights next >>> it's the washington capitals who have won five of the last seven, 11 of the last 17. so far so good. locker, how would you rate washington's start tonight i. i'm in a grading mood. i'm giving them a c for the start. not the time of therm i thought they would come out with against the leafs. the leafs, when you look at their record, they know they have won one game, they are at the bottom of the basement and i th >> this is abc 7 news at 6:00, "on your side." >>> he owned a couple of washington's biggest sports teams and revitalized downtown washington. tonight, we are remembering abe pollin who died today at the age of 85. >> jay korff has more on his life and legacy. >> abe pollin deed was an icon, a sports giant here in the district of columbia, and was also very proud of the fact that the car rena he built changed this city forever. outside of the verizon center, fans are stunned and saddened by the loss of team owner abe pollin who died today at the age of 85. >> we have been coming to the games and he has been a big part of it and the team's success. it is a tremendous loss to find out that he has passed away. >> abe pollin brought professional basketball and hockey to the region. he sold the capitals but kept in the nba's wizards. he was admired and respected for helping to revitalize part of downtown d.c. after building the verizon center. >> when he brought this, i would say that definitely brought the city morgue life. >> he also spent a tremendous time and money on many philanthropic ca
the hungry on this thanksgiving. how people are giving back this holiday season. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> and good morning washington. happy thanksgiving, everybody. 6:00 now on this thursday morning, november 26. i'm alison starling. doug is off this morning and so is lisa enjoying the holiday with their family but brian is here letting everybody know about the weather. everybody is commenting on the fog. it is pretty intense. >> pea soup is the best way to describe it. you really have a hard time seing in front of you. visibility in some places is at zero miles. we were hoping the fog would burn off. some folks who did not see that fog develop can see some stars. 40's and 30's this morning. a lot of drizzle. that's all right. it is going to be morning fog. we'll get back to that map in just a second. mop and a few peeks of sunshine. rain by tonight. >> we have these issues and your three-piece suit looks great. if you are driving this morning you'll want to use caution because of that fog. 27 here at maryland's so 9 and you get a clear -- maryland's 109 and you
thanksgiving, too >> just moments away on "good morning washington" party crashers. the secret service confirms two people snuck into the white house state dinner. we'll have a live report on that. >> whether you were a ball boy or selling popcorn here, he would -- everybody. >> a hometown hero. how you can pay your respects. helping the hungry on this thanksgiving. how people are giving back this holiday season. "good morning washington" begins right now. >> and good morning washington. thanks for joining us on this thanksgiving morning. doug is off today. lisa is off. we're holding down the fort. >> 50% of the team. >> and the weather. some big-time fog. yesterday we had a little sunshine peek in. did you see it? >> i did. >> let's take a look outside. you can see the washington monument? no, you don't see it. 42 now. 44 in bethesda. the dew point very high. dense fog advisory for the entire area. maybe a few peeks of sunshine for your thanksgiving. rain should hold off until later. not a bad day, all in all, upper 50's. >> ok, brian, thanks. we'll see you in a few minutes. lisa is off on thi
>>> wizards leading the heat 22- 18. and earlier today, at the washington hebrew congregation, the funeral services for abe pollin. dignitaries there. sheila johnson, charlie brotman, redskins owner daniel snyder. there's bob perry on the left, bob sirklu on the right. all in attendance to play respect to the 85-year-old pollin who passed away this past tuesday. irene pollin, the longest tenure owners notice n pa owning the wizards for 46 years, the wizards franchise. can you see the players with the black piece ofcloth attachd to their jerseys in honor and memorial for mr. pollin. some of the players have said they plan to dedicate the rest of the season to abe and use this entire situation to try to get this ship righted despite some of the things that have gone on in locker room talk and some of the bickerring you heard about. this is the time to do it >> phil: and it's still early. still a lot that can be accomplished. gilbert knocking down that jumper. washington with some good execution, making over 50% of their shots. they have 8 of their 11 made baskets. so that's a go
of these elections sent some danger signals to the democratic party in washington. >> so you are saying the narrative that we are hearing from a lot of pundit tonight is that voters are sending a message to washington. is it possible they are not happy with their local leadership? >> that is precisely what the white house and democratic leaders are short to argue tomorrow. we are already hearing that argument. these were very local races developed -- decided by local factors. there is also some and mistaking the larger trends. the results tonight are unmistakable. you have to decide how you are going to respond. we have some important votes coming up on health care, cap and trade, energy, and you will see democrats wanting to put distance between themselves and their national democratic leadership. >> now you have to decide what to write about this evening. >> absolutely. >> for more on tonight's speeches from the candidates plus the election coverage, log onto our website. >>> now let's turn to the weather. bond a lot. >> the question is, how many lawyers will we have to wr? doug hill has a first lo
gwen: crunch time for health care reform, plus asia, afghanistan and sarah. tonight on "washington week." yet another big vote looming on health care. >> it's an incredible work. and the momentum has now shifted to us. it's the same turkey you didn't like in august and it's not going to taste any better on thanksgiving. gwen: the senate saturday night special. will democrats have enough votes? will the g.o.p. be able to stop them? congress debates as the administration grapples with foreign policy in asia. >> the united states does not seek to contain china. on the contrary. the rise of a strong and a prosperous china can be a source of strength for the community of nations. gwen: and in afghanistan -- >> there is now a clear window of opportunity for president karzai and his government to make a new compact with the people of afghanistan. gwen: while on the home front, sarah palin turns best selling author. >> alaska and michigan have so much in common, with the hockey moms and the fishing. gwen: but what else does she have in mind? covering the week, karen tumulty of "time" magaz
washington dijo que revisaran el contenido de la demanda y los pormenores del arresto antes de emitir una declaracion publica... el congreso esta considerando una legislacion de emergencia para garantizar el pago de salarios a las personas que falten por haber contraido la influenza h1n1,o por cuidar de sus familiares enfermos... fernando pizarro amplia.. miembros de un ® comite del concejo municipal de washington aprobaron hoy la propuesta para permitir que se realizen matrimonios entre homosexuales en la ciudad... los miembros han sido acusados por robar mas de 100-mil dolares en libros de textos, de varias 777bliotecas en la region, y de libros usados, que abastecen a estudiantes universitarios... 77 las ultimas acusaciones fueron impuestas por un jurado en prince georges despues que el sistema de librerias del condado reportara el aparente robo de al menos 87-mil dolares en libros.... las bibliotecas de la 777versidades de maryland en 777 el condado de baltimore y en el colegio comunitario de hartford, ta777n 777sufrieron la perdida de libros... @ esta noche en nuestros segmento
extendio a la comunidad latina de washington pese a los ofrecimientos.. claudia uceda tiene el  informe.. las vacunas para #b!sus pacientes yao han recibido "es que me pusieron dos, la de la gripe la comun o la de la gripe h1n1" pero hay algunas que aun no lo han hecho... como el caso de ----- fulana------------ "una primera cosa que me tuvieron que decir es eso porque uno nunca sabe lo que le puede pasar embarazada y tener eso.." el gobierno de washington dice los mas vulnerables no deben de asustarse, que las vacunas llegaran de a pocos, pero que si seran subministradas.... " no hay suficientes pero no nomas en el mary center, no hay suficientes en ninguna clinica donde va uno, no hay suficientes en las clinicas que tenemos alrededor de la ciudad desafortunadamente ... y a falta de vacunas, se ha lanzado una campana de educacion para poder identificar un posible contagio de la gripe h1n1 y asi se sepa como actuar de inmediato "sepa que en el evento que tenga virus o que tenga la enfermedad causada por el
de la avendia pennsylvania, nw, suite 105, washington d.c. 2004.... los cheques deben ser jirados a m. fuentes y seran entregados a los familiares del menor por el consejal del distrito electoral numero uno, jin graham.. la policia de montgomery dio a conocer la identidad del jardinero que perdiera la vida el pasado sabado en un accidente con una moto sierra al cortar la rama de un arbol ... hector say cupil de 35 aÑos de edad oginario de guatemala ... las autoridades n continuan investigando la causa principal de esta lamentable tragedia (on cam) el cadaver de hector say cupil fue trasladado a la oficina del forense de baltimore '
proximo sea mejor" en washington, maria rosa lucchini univision.... y en nueva york, una vez ma de la secundaria ballou de musia washington se aduenaron de las calles y avenidas de nueva york en el disfile anual del dia de accion de gracias de macys..este tradicional desfile en su version numero 83 marca el inicio de las fiestas de fin de ano... la crisis econimica, con altos niveles de desempleo y la inseguridad esta afectando severamente a la organizaciones caritativas como el ejercito de salvacion...esta meritoria institucion esta buscando alternativa para facilitar el flujo de donaciones para los mas necesitados...ha desplazado 300 puestos de recoleccion en todo el pais, especialmente en centros comerciales y otros lugares de trafico... una nueva balacera en washington ha dejado a un latino muerto ro seriamente herido y a un tercero con lesiones menores..el hecho de sangre se registro hoy alrededor de las 5 y 20 de la manana en la cuadra 700 de la calle harvard, cerca a la avenida policia identifico a la victima fatal como jose rene rodriguez gutierrez de 31
tuesday. and shively joins us -- caroline shively joins us from washington with detail. >> this was written on democrats. saying osama bin laden was in the grasp of the troops in mountain of tora bora when the u.s. military leaders decided not to go after him with massive force. it gave insurgency new life and altered pursuit of terrorism. they were conducting the precision strikes but there were less than hundreds on the ground to track bin laden. the decisions that opened the door for ses cape to pakistan allowed bin laden to emerge as potent symbolic figure to attract steady flow of money and inspire fanatics worldwide. the study comes out prior to the president's speech tuesday where we expect him to announce build-up in afghanistan. many democrats are awaiting the speech but some republicans are criticism potential phased deployment. >> the slow escalation didn't work there. you need to put in everybody you can, as quickly as you can and deliver knock-out punch to the enemy. >> the president and the secretary of defense have to show some deference to the generals r
this washington-area food kitchen. >> thank you, sir. have a blessed thanksgiving. >> reporter: charities may be running short on food and money, but this year there is an unexpected bounty of volunteers. it didn't take a bad economy to bring out the best in 14-year-old cory warner. he has been running his own food bank since he was 11. >> this year was the roughest year ever. i haven't had this much trouble. >> reporter: thanks to one teen, 500 families will have a meal and reason to give thanks. brian mooar, washington. >>> stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00. >>> jail cell suicide, police say a man accused in a highly publicized murder case has apparently killed himself. investigators want to know how that could have happened. >>> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> the guest list was a who's who. who are they? how a local couple crashed the president's state dinner. >>> and it's a day for giving thanks and for giving back. and you're looking live for the volunteers up very bright and early to do some good. good morning, welcome to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. happy thanksgiving to y
morning, washington continues right now. >> and good morning, washington. welcome back. it is 6:00 on this friday morning. november 27, black friday. i'm alison starling. doug is off today. let's get to your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. metro traffic is standing by. a lot of people moving around, trying to get to the malls. let's start with adam caskey. are you doing any shopping today? >> no. laziness. that's what i have on the docket. a look at live super doppler 7, lingering sprinkles out there. mainly into southern maryland, these are pushing off to the east rather slowly. most of this should be out of our viewing area and over to the eastern shore. so here's our forecast today. limited sunshine but also very windy. gusts around 40 miles an hour and it won't feel like the upper 40's with the wind and not to mention a few flurries possible throughout the day, especially this afternoon and evening. now at 6:0 2, joe connelly, your turn. >> thank you. normal weekday for the most part except the day after thanksgiving so we're expecting lighter than normal volume. we've
. >> vinita nair with a sign of the >> just moments away on good morning, washington, abc 7 news takes you shopping. we are at some of the hottest black friday sales. and the city says farewell to a man who helped shape its landscape. >> she was working that tent. >> and we've got stories from the inside the so called white house dinner crashers. good morning, washington begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> and good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this black friday, i'm alison starling. doug is off. maybe he's shopping, probably sleeping, that's more likely. we're going to check in with metro traffic in a moment but adam caskey is in this morning. did you have a good thanksgiving? >> still feeling it, alison. you? >> great. and you worked last night. so you get a gold star this morning. >> got a couple hours sleep and rolled in, few hours out of the weather center. we have a cold front pushing through the region. we still have lingering showers. let's go to doppler right now. there's a line of rain splitting through the coun
, washington, traffic for trivers and will a water main break turn an already big friday rush into a longer one? >> and a nor'easter funds to coast with heavy rains and high winds. we are on storm watch this morning. >> and president obama arrives to another country and makes a tribute to the service penn. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> good friday morning washington, i'm doug mckelway. >> and i'm alison starling, good morning, everybody. we have made it to friday morning. traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> this could be a difficult one on the beltway. >> brian? >> we're looking at some rough gos along the area because of leftover wet pavement and gusty winds. today the rain is less intense. light in nature but off and on roughout day. it will still be cool and we still have the gusty winds. just not as much rain. the nor'easter starting to lift out. we're still in its grasp with wind but not with the heavy rain. jumping over to the forecast today. drizzle with scattered showers. gusty and cool. temperatures in the low 50's. it will be a little bit
his teenage brother was killed. >> a warning for dc leaders t. archdiocese of washington says it will have to stop the social service programs it runs for the district if the city legalizes same-sex marriages. "news4 midday" begins right now. >>> good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm kimberly suiters. joe krebs is on assignment. it's thursday, november 12, 2009. people are dealing with serious weather problems this morning. >> coastal areas are dealing with rough surf and flooding. in our area, trees are down and some roadways are covered with water right now. looking outside you can see it's still falling out the. terrible. 45 degrees, it's chilly out there. and we're having to contend with rain through the day. >> boy, the beaches have been getting pounded. the water is almost up to the boardwalk at ocean city and virginia beach we have heavy rain and wind there. as we look at the radar we can see the rain continuing to move in, and there is the scene there at virginia beach, there is the pier there. look at the big waves. some of the buoys a
a hit by marcus washington! he has been beat a couple of times today by hodge. i think there might have been a little ager in that hit. >> andre: well, you get chris white chasing him down, and he runs him right into marcus washington, and you never see dexter mccluster get hit like that. wow what a lick! >> dave: second and14. intercepted! for the second time today! at the 24-yard line. listen to scott field! it's all going in the way of mississippi state right now. >> andre: when you can play two deep coverage and controlling the run the way the bulldogs have up front, now any tip toed ball in the secondary, there are bodies and an extra defender around. charles mitchell right on the spot where the football was tipped. >> dave: dixon, take this handsoff, will keep it, down to the 15-yard line. picks up 12. trahan drags him down. let's wait on the flag. >> andre: it was such a good take to dixon, you thought he was giving it to dix. >> referee: hold be, number 3 on the offense. >> dave: that's the second penalty today against mississip
morning. british and authorities say 51-year-old pilot,er win washington has been charged, with being over the alcohol limit, after he was pulled from united airlines flight 949. a co-worker alerted the authorities after suspecting him to be drunk. there were reports that the pilot was called from the plane and given a breathalyzer test out of the view of passengers before being arrested. now, flight 949 was scheduled to fly to chicago from laondon heathrow airport. that flight was imminent until authorities pulled him off the plane. that flight was canceled. and 124 passengers were put on other flights. united airlines put out a statement on the incident saying its alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry. and that the company had, quote, no tolerance, for violation of this bell-established policy. this is not if first time that this sort of incident this has occurred. earlier this may, an american airlines pilot also scheduled to fly from london heathrow to chicago, was arrested after he failed a breast test. staff had alerted police about the pilot. washington has now been
>>> good morning. welcome to 9 news now and "week in review." >>> washington, d.c. and the world of professional sports has been in mourning in week. the entrepreneur whose verizon center reunited d.c. passed a way at age 85. his franchises only boasted of one championship but his legacy will be measured by far more than banners or trophies. >> reporter: 1978 poland's washington bullets are world clamps. by then the life has seen more than most. born in 1923 this son of an immigrant business man made millions as a d.c. real estate developer. in 1964 he made history bying the then struggling baltimore bullet% $1.4 million. a huge sum at the time. he lost a continue and daughter of a conventional heart defect. his drive to succeed was tenacious. in 1963 he built the capital center in largo, a first-of-its kinds arena with television screens. the capitals took up residence. meantime he is generosity was making him well-known. he simply couldn't resist a child in trouble. hi gave away millions to the local i have dream foundation. >> anything he could do to help anybody he would do.
on in washington all the time. but this is sort of mount everett. >> they climbed mt. everest by crashing the state dinner, meeting president obama in the receiving line and then bragging about it unifaces book. as a way to secure a role in bravo's reality show real house wives. >> each of the cast members is competing with the other cast members to make it to the final cut. so you come up with ever more outrageous schemes. >> the secret service a outraged and says its probe in to the apparent security breach is close to a criminal investigation. the salahi's are no strangers to courtrooms their oasis winery is in bankruptcy proceedings and their yacht has been repossessed. >> irwin gomez owns the is a listen where she was preparing for her white house appearance. >> i do a lot of high profile in washington, and even they didn't get invited. >> i asked can i see it? what does it look like and she started to look through her bag and conveniently it just wasn't on her. >> reporter: in washington, armando trull for 9 news now and >>> the secret service has admitted full responsibility for
by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff, hoping for some sunshine today. >> outside this morning it will be fairly clear to start off. let's check the bus stop forecast. early on, temperatures range from the mid 30's to low 40's. temperature-wise, will see temperatures climbing into the low to mid 60's. we will have some breezes gusting from time to time. let's take a morning and again to lisa baden. >> election day traffic looks great in frederick county. 95 southbound in virginia, they are still with a crash between 17 and route 3. a deer hit a vehicle on the baltimore washington parkway northbound between powdered milk and 197. we take you to the traffic on 270 and it is good. with more on election day, alison and doug. >>> voters will head to the polls to decide whether creigh deeds or bob mcdonnell sh
, produced in aociation with "nation journal". corporate funding for "washington week" is prided by -- >> we know why we're here. toedefine air travelor a w generation. >> to ensur ourforces are safer and stronger. >> to take the world we shae to tomrow and beyond. >> ound theglobe, et pople of boeing are -- te people of boeing ar working togher to make a difference th >> that's why we're here. >> the ohns hopkinsglobal m.a., integrating business expertiseith international unerstanding to develo leaders for abetter world the joh hopkins kery business school ere business is caught -- taugh with humanity in mind >> fundin is also provided by the annnberg foundation, t corporation for public brocasting and by contributions o your pbs station from vewers like you. thank you. onceagain, sitting in for gwen ill this week, pet williams of nbc news. pee: good eveni. ifou spent today in line hoping for barains, you're part o a select group. only 78millionsofier fellow citizens we doing the same thing n the day th nation' retailershink of as he real thanksgiving fet. for somit began before midnht, lig
he used to own the capitals and he made life better for thousands of washington area children. now the city is mourning the death of abe pollin. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is here with weather. angie has the traffic. we begin with howard and the mystery rain continues to fall. >> there's no big systems coming through until thursday night, friday morning to clear us out. we have been stuck in the soup and at night things clear up just enough and that helps to condense moisture and this morning we are dealing with light rain, drizzle, mist, fog. you name it. where the heavier mission is, light rain showers are moving south to north across the district. but out west, even culpeper, reporting heavy drizzle. that's not detexted by the radar. go to the weather computer and talk about temperatures. upper 40s to low 50s. little suspect about 43 at culpeper but visibilities is less than a mile in many areas. dulles up to a half mile. they were at a quarter hour last hour. going to the 55-degree range today and angie is coming by with traffic. >> that i am. good wednesday. let's star
, michael. >>> the violence at ft. hood was acknowledged by leaders in the washington, including president obama who was briefed by robert gates. >> it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> mr. obama asked all americans to keep the victims and their families in their prayers. >>> just before 6:00, the house of representatives held a moment of silence. lawmakers took a break to pray for their family members. >>> muslim leaders came out to condemn the attacks and urge the public not to respond to the violence or harassment. representatives from the islamic relations offered prayers and condolences for those involved in the tragedy. they expressed their concern about retaliation. some said they ar already getting hate calls and e-mails. >> all of those who intend to cause any harm would think about that. there are families who are suffering and mourning today. let's show a sense of compassion and let's not take violence on innocent people who have nothi to do with the de
's friday, november 27th, 2009. >> washington is saying good by at this hour to a local legend. abe pollin will be laid to rest today. >> he will be best known as the owner of the washington wizards, but the community stretches beyond the basketball court and sports arena. kimberly suiters is outde the congregation at the this hour, and we have a live report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. abe pollin's funeral begins 30 minutes from now. we have seen a steady stream of people who loved abe pollin. this was a man was a towering figure, but at his core he had the heart of a servant. from kichens to the homeless to college scholarships for kids. abe pollin made dreams come true. we have a lawyer, a track star, a doctor, an elevator operator, and a musician. we have a fashion designer. we have -- oh, my god, a police officer. >> reporter: and we have two mayors who worked by pollin's side to change life as we would come to know it in downtown d.c. >> abe pollin has been a larger than life figure that represented the best of washington, d.c. >> reporter: abe pollin was not on
, it certainly is. yeah, and a few miles off to the west it's bright and sunny. mostly cloudy in washington. and there is a look at the sky watcher camera. you can s the novemberry foliage there. and getting the november tones and the browns are winning out now. and it's 56 in washington. out of the mountains, they were below freezing and off to a clear start there. and only near 50 there. and eastern shores cloudy. they had light sprinkles on the eastern side of the bay. and you can see the clouds, they are just east of the blue ridge, and they cover much of the eastern part of virginia as well as much of maryland. just to the east of interstate 95 there. and then for the rest of the afternoon partly sunny and school. sunset, an early 5:06. and a look at the rest of the week and next weekend. will it be dry? details coming up. >> we hope so. thank you tom. >>> let's see what jerry edwards has out on the roadways. >> well, we had a couple problems at the height of the rush hour. the inner loop at i-66. the accident was cleared and now there is construction on 66 where the left lane is close
. tonight on "washington week. >> although it will take time and it will take patience, i am confident that our economy will recover. >> today's numbers are further proof that the obama economic policies are a failure. gwen: cool optimism and hot pessimism on display as the unemployment rate makes a sudden jump. nervousness at the ballot box too as obama democrats in two big states go down to defeat. >> there is some little sadness. gwen: will the election results rattle the health care debate on capitol hill? >> we're right on the brink of passing historic legislation to provide quality, affordable, accessible health care for all americans. >> not one republican will vote for this bill. gwen: and will violence at home -- >> an individual jumped up on a desk and started shooting weapons. gwen: and abroad -- gwen: change the course in afghanistan? >> it is not just the u.s. that is being tested in afghanistan, nor is it just britain. it is the whole international community. gwen: covering the week, jackie calmes of the "new york times. james barnes of "national journal. ceci connolly of
in northwest washington. d.c. police have confirmed that a seven-year-old boy has been shot. lindsay is on the scene. what can you tell us us? >> reporter: bruce, we know the scene is down the street at 14th and columbia, we've been told a seven-year-old boy has been shot. he's been taken to a hospital. we're not sure of his condition, but we have been told it is a gunshot wound. we are not aware of any arrests at this point, or anyone else being hurt, but earlier, there was a chopper flying overhead. of course police still have this under investigation. if you are coming through this way, police still have the roadblocked off here on 14th street, so cars are going around, and every so often, there is more emergency vehicles getting through with their lights and sirens on, but again, a seven-year-old boy has been shot, that has been confirmed. we are not aware of anyone else being hurt. live in northwest washington, 9 news now. >> stay right there. we'll get back to you, lindsay. >>> turning now to the storm that pummeled the atlanta coast is now over. now the damage assessment and
institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good wednesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> here's brian. is chillier out there this morning. >> we will get through the day today and it will be another fall-like afternoon. temperatures around 50 degrees. you may want to put on a jacket. 38 in front royal. 46 right now in downtown -- in the district. we will see sunshine and it will be ccoming chilly. temperatures in the mid and upper 50's. >> a couple of things are happening. east on 66 to get into marshall, there has been a crash and a mile marker 29. that puts it after 17. 66 he spam, one lane is getting around this crap -- 66 eastbound, one lane isgetting around this crash. nothing on 95 between richmond and baltimore. on the eastbound freeway, you'll find it broken down a tractor trailer after the exit for the third street tunnel. it is blocking one lane. we're taking you live to the american legion bridge. everything i
katulis of the settlement. "the washington post" is the host of this 30 minute interview. >> host: cecilia kang of "the washington post," what is the goebel book settlement? >> guest: de google book settlement is part of a yearlong legal battle between google and publishers and authors over how we will all access and purchase books online. the way we are going to do that is going to change. the wind has changed everything. coming to your local library, go into your local university library in getting a book off the shelf is going to be altars in many ways by the web. you will still be able to do that but the web provides the opportunity in some ways the internet does for someone in kansas to get a hold of the really arcane companero book that recites some place in england within seconds over the web. and the idea that google had in the first place was to make every single book in the world universally accessible. and they want to do that by scanning every book that exists in the world. there is a very ambitious project. they want to create the world's biggest on-line library. what i mean m >> tonight, tea parties and town halls. in the summer and fall of 2009, as washington began the battle over health care, taxes, and government, something started happening across america. ordinary americans gathered at tea parties, saying, listen to us. [cheers and applause] >> i am here because i am glad to see these people come out on their own, without celebrities, getting them to tell the government to back down. >> you work for us. you work for us. >> we don't need the government to run health care. the government cannot run itself. greta: americans took their concerns and sometimes even their anger town halls. politicians were forced to look voters in the eye and listen to what they had to say. >> you work for us. we don't care what you say. >> i don't understand your mentality. what do you think you accomplish by yelling? what do you accomplish by yelling? >> three times your average wages and will double and triple and quadruple your premiums. greta: american spoke out and we were listening. you will go to tea parties and see the passion that town halls. you will hear from average c
to the old men, but to their grandsons and granddaughters in uniform, too. david wright, abc news, washington. >> all deserve respect. >>> stay with us for "good morning america," coming up at 7:00. >> and for updates anytime, check out our websit >>> just mom watch, as every rain hits parts of the commonwealth. >> more missed signals. one week air after the deadly shooting at fort hood, people are speaking out. >> we will of people who will get sick and some will die. >> the death toll from the swine flu keeps rising. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> could thursday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning, everybody. we have been restored to your thursday morning. we're tracking the streets and the skies. >> brian van de graaff begins our storm watch coverage. we have had better days out there. >> we have. we do have an inch of rain over at reagan national. areas south and east of the city, down towards tidewater, they
of the national council of presbytery here in washington, d.c. as we move forward in this effort to talk about advocacy to right the wrong and the inickities that we see, i would like to ask all of us that are assembled here and members of congress that we be cautioned that as we move forward to promote the efforts for advocacy for our people and for other people of color that we do so on a position that supports our president and his administration as opposed to being on the opposite end. drawing on the words from reverend jackson earlier that this is a time when we turn to each other and not against each other. because i feel that sometimes it can be a move to discredit this great man at his great time. and we need to try and support him as we advocate for the different issues that have been placed before us. thank you. >> do we have a question? right up here. >> thank you. carmen morris, miami, florida, sanctuary of moses, combating child trafficking and slavery through education and [inaudible] in west africa. three days after inauguration i went back home to miami. and it was somewhat wit
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